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Sept 29th Reading & Discussion Group – Iran: What Does Engagement Mean? What Can We Hope to Achieve?

On Tuesday, September 29th, a group of 10 students joined Professor Gershman for IPSA’s first Reading & Discussion Group of the semester. Both first and second years came to discuss “Iran: What Does Engagement Mean? What Can We Hope to Achieve?” They brought their unique perspectives on the situation as well as a bit of background reading to facilitate an interesting and thought-provoking conversation.

During the hour-long discussion, the group raised such issues as: sanctions and their effectiveness, nuclear proliferation and what results negotation could have. The need to recognize Iran as a regional power was also discussed and was agreed upon by many. Using trade and the potential for economic growth as an incentive for nuclear transparency was proposed as a potential common ground solution during negotiations.

Stay tuned for the next Reading & Discussion Group on October 15th at 5PM! All are welcome to join IPSA & Professor Gershman for an interesting conversation about women in development.

Ashleigh Whelan

IPSA Member & Reading/Discussion Group Coordinator


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