Voices from the Field: Summer 2013

The incoming IPSA board is excited to kick-off our new, student-led initiative Voices from the Field, and proudly presents our Summer 2013 fellows:

Ben Nemeth (Zambia)
Kaysey Grard (Honduras, Guatemala)
Naome Jeanty (Egypt)
Tori Chan (Ghana)

These four students are traveling abroad this summer to tackle pressing social problems and grow as international development practitioners. IPSA has tapped them to capture this experience by composing monthly blog updates and video/picture journals of their experience. This fall, their stories will be presented at our first ever Voices from the Field Series, a multimedia presentation and panel discussion featuring our fellows and their journeys. The IPSA Board hopes the content produced and the stories told will give the broader NYU community a first-hand look at all the great things IPSA and NYU Wagner students do. Additionally, we hope this will enrich the broader discussion amongst students and faculty of bridging the theory and practice of international development.

In addition to a monthly email update, you can follow their experiences directly on the IPSA blog, via twitter@WagnerIPSA, or on our new and improved Facebook page. We hope to continue Voices from the Field during the international specialization’s capstone travels over winter break, and host a second Voices from the Field presentation and panel discussion in Spring 2014. So stay tuned and thank you for your support in this endeavor!

Best Regards,

The IPSA Board

Fellow bios and projects:

Ben Nemeth is a second year MPA candidate studying Public and Non-Profit Management and Policy, with an international focus. Prior to NYU, Ben served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar and administered a nonprofit in West Virginia that was focused on community food security. This summer Ben will be traveling to Zambia where he will be working for a small NGO called BioCarbon Partners Trust, in the Rufunsa Forest Conservancy. His work will be focused on agricultural development to reduce deforestation of the area. Primarily he will be working with local farmer groups on improving land use practices and establishing cooperative marketing networks in the nearby capital, Lusaka. Ben is committed to finding scalable solutions for agricultural and rural development in impoverished communities. Toward the end of his stay he is hoping to see Lions in the nearby Lower Zambezi National Park.

Kaysey Grard is a second year MUP candidate studying Urban Planning, specializing in international development planning. Prior to NYU Wagner, she studied Linguistics and Globalization Studies at SUNY Albany. There she spent 6 months studying abroad in Paris, France and three months living in Geneva, Switzerland. This summer, she will be traveling to Antigua, Guatemala to work with malnourished babies and assist teachers at a school located in the impoverished suburbs of Antigua. After four weeks in Antigua, she will travel to Roatán, Honduras to work with at-risk youth and single mothers. During this time, she hopes to witness the effects of heavy tourism on the indigenous communities of the island of Roatán. Kaysey has always been interested in languages and the effects of globalization and urbanization on the rights of women and children. She hopes her work in Guatemala and Honduras will allow her to begin to understand the effects of heavy urbanization and the rapid influx of tourism on underprivileged communities.

Naome Jeanty is a second year MPA candidate studying Public and Non-Profit Management and Policy, with an international focus. Prior to NYU Wagner, she spent 3 years as a paralegal at a law firm while simultaneously doing programming and fundraising work at various non-profits. Naome has always been interested in international development. This summer she is traveling to Cairo, Egypt, a city of nine million people and the largest city in the Arab World and Africa. She will be doing program analysis and development for The Littlest Lamb, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty faced by orphans in Egypt when adoption is not an option.

Tori Chan is a second year MPA-Health Policy/MPH-Global Health Leadership student. Prior to entering NYU, she worked for multiple non-profits and NGO’s. She has gone through training on providing psychological first aid to relief workers, worked in the field of criminal justice, and has spent time overseas in Swaziland teaching HIV/AIDS education in a remote village. This summer she will be travelling to Ghana for the Wagner course on Hunger and Food Security. After the course she will begin an internship with World Vision International in Accra working on one of their major health projects being funded by USAID. Tori has a interest in the intersection of public health research informing policy decisions and program evaluation. She hopes this internship will give her a glimpse of how a major health initiative is implemented, run and evaluated.

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