Africa: The next global economic story – By Omoruyi Austin Aigbe

An excerpt from WSAFA President Omoruyi Austin Aigbe’s blog:

Many scholars in Africa have always noted that the Africa’s colonial legacy has contributed to the socioeconomic, security and political challenges, the tension and hostility among the many ethnic groups, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Political historians have traced security challenges- conflict and instability in most Africa nations, especially in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, and elsewhere to colonial programs of division, discrimination, collective exclusion, and manipulation of ethnic identity envisioned to ensure power and control over vast natural resources.

Africa’s natural resources wealth, which ought to be a blessing, is in fact a curse; this was captured in Collier (2007) The Bottom Billon, – the conflict trap, the natural resource trap and bad governance in small country. To be true with it, natural resource in Africa has become a source of tremendous suffering, which Collier referred to natural resource trap. There is a strong and clear correlation between natural resources, conflict and security challenges in Africa

Does Africa have enough time for the benefits of this fast economic development to reach the poorest people? What role does security and politics- democratic governance play in this discourse?

Join the Wagner Student Alliance for Africa (WSAFA) and International Public Service Association (IPSA) on Wednesday December 5 2012 as Ambassador John Campbell, former United States’ Ambassador to Nigeria, takes a look at the correlation between economic development, Security and Politics- democratic development in Africa. And moving forward, what should Africa nations be doing to sustain and build upon the current state of development in the region.


Omoruyi Austin Aigbe, is a Ford Foundation International Fellow and President of Wagner Student Alliance for Africa (WSAFA)
Check out the full post HERE
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