Zambia: Elephants, Waterfalls, and Refugees

So, I leave next week for Zambia! I will be working for FORGE in the Meheba Refugee Settlement in northern Zambia, primarily focusing on refugee-driven educational development projects for young children.

The Meheba Refugee Settlement first began accepting refugees in 1971 during the Angolan civil war, and now there are refugees from Angola, DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi currently living there. Due to Zambia’s stable governance situation and continued economic prosperity, it has become a safe haven for refugees from throughout the sub-Saharan region. Furthermore, it’s considered a great tourist destination due to the large numbers of wildlife parks and sanctuaries, the Zambezi River, Lake Kariba (a major hydro-electrical project between Zambia & Zimbabwe), and Victoria Falls…not that I’ll be anywhere near water.

I would like to say how awed I am by the level of dedication so many Wagnerites are showing in heading out to the field for the summer. It is so easy as students to get drawn into the comfort of academia, but it’s important for us as practitioners to really see what is happening in the areas where we want to work.

I’m hoping to be able to blog a few times from Africa, but sadly will not have Internet access in Meheba so we’ll see. If my next post is not until I return, then I promise pictures!

Happy Travel Wagnerites!!!

~Caitlin Ostomel

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